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Initial Set Up of your Biorb Fish Tank

BiOrb Fish Tanks provide the traditional look of a fish bowl with the performance of a high tech fish tank. But now that you have this beautiful BiOrb Fish Tank, you may be wondering how do you set it up? Luckily,

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$20 Off Any Order With Everything Biorb

If you aren’t receiving our Biorb Newsletter and want to know about our biggest discounts and coupons, sign up today (enter your email near the top of the page) and you will begin receiving our newsletters with our biorb sales, coupons, discounts, and specials that we only publish in our newsletter.

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Wednesday Biorb Sale is….

Today’s Biorb sale is on the Silver Biorb Acrylic Stand. The Acrylic stand is usually $160 but is $129 this week, that’s 20% off the retail price.

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It’s Gonna be a Good Week of Biorb Sales

This week is going to be a good one if you are looking to buy a biorb fish tank, biube fish tank, or biorb accessories & supplies. Why? Because we have a killer week of sales for you, starting with today there will be one new sale every day of the week. What is today’s special going to be, well here it is.

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Biorb Siphon Hose – The BEST Biorb Accessory

The Biorb Siphon Hose will save you a ton of time while cleaning your aquarium, and it will also help to clean your biorb or biube more thoroughly.

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Reef One Increasing Prices of All Biorb Products

Recently Reef One has increased the prices of all of the Biorb & Biube Aquariums, & Biorb & Biube Accessories, however, we have not increased our pricing as a result, the best time to stock up on biorb accessories is NOW.

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New Biube Article – What Makes the Biube Different

The only significant difference between the Biube Tanks and the Biorb Tanks is the shape, size, and design of the Biube.

There are two different Biube Fish Tanks, the Classic Biube (available in Silver or Black), and the Biube Pure. Both Biube Aquariums are 9 gallons and are cylindrical in shape, rather than spherical like the classic Biorb Aquariums.

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Biorb Accessories – New Biorb Accessory Videos

That is exactly why we are creating product videos for EVERY BIORB ACCESSORY & AQUARIUM. We want our customers to have a better idea of what they are buying, before they spend money on it.

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Spyorb Aquarium – Coming Soon

Update to let everyone know that we should have the Spyorb Aquarium in stock in a month or two.  In the past the Spyorb tanks have only been available in the U.K. but are now beginning to be distributed throughout

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Biorb Service Kit – Answers to Service Kit Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions from potential biorb customers, and current biorb owners is, What is the Biorb Service Kit Filter, and will it fit my aquarium? This article addresses that question, and briefly talks about the other two biorb filters, the biorb no algae kit, and the biorb first aid kit.

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