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Safe Decorations for your Biorb or Biube Fish Tank

Many people use their aquariums as a focal point in a room. In hopes of adding to the interest of the conversation piece, some fish owners will place found objects inside the tank as decoration. While this may give the

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Salt Water vs. Fresh Water Fish

Deciding whether to purchase a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium has a lot to do with how you feel about the fish. The fish from the ocean are generally more exotic and beautiful, but also much more expensive, than

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Fish Tank Styles

So you’re looking to buy a biorb fish tank, but you don’t know what kind you would like. Well, a lot depends on your budget and the space you have available for the tank. Also, you have to consider cleaning and

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Fish Tank Accessories

Fish tanks require several different components, before you can actually add the fish to the water. Starting with a tank, you will need to look at hoods, lights, and filters. Talk with the salesperson about your options, or check them

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Cleaning Fish Tanks

The freshwater tank is the most common variety of aquarium setup. For those who have freshwater biorb tanks, cleaning and maintenance can be relatively simple, as long as you start with a quality filter. The filter should be selected for

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Choosing and Maintaining Aquarium Plants

The right plants add a natural and realistic quality to the environment of an aquarium. But, with so many choices facing new fish tank owners, the options for plants can be overwhelming. With many variations of both live and artificial

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Featured Product – Grass Ring Feng Shui Kit

Compliment your room, and add a little Yin to your Yang, with the BiOrb Grass Ring Feng Shui Kit!

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Reef One Biorb – A Little About The Biorb Manufacturer

History of Reef One Biorb Founding & History Reef One started in 1998 by father and son team Paul and Matthew Stevenson, Reef One Ltd. designs and manufactures innovative products for the worldwide aquatics market. After the construction of the

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API Stress Zyme

Today’s featured product is API Stress Zyme by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (MARS).  This product critical for cycling a new aquarium.  Stress Zyme is a biological filtration booster.  It serves two main purposes,  it contains live bacteria that speeds up the development

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API Stress Coat

Here is a product that is a great water conditioner as well helps improve the health of damaged or sick fish.  It is the API Stress Coat by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (MARS).  This product works in fresh or salt water.  The

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