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Video’s and movies of biorb fish tanks and biorb accessories

BiOrb One Way Valve

This video shows the Reef One biOrb/biUbe One Way Valve in the bag. The valve provides extra insurance in the unlikely event of water leaking into your air line, or for extending your air line.

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Adding a BiOrb Grass Ring

Today’s post shows the BiOrb Grass Ring in all its glory. This Grass Ring comes in 3 sizes, Small for the Baby BiOrb (4 gallon), Medium for the regular BiOrb (8 gallon), and large for the Mega BiOrb (16 Gallon).

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Biorb Halogen Light Unit

This video shows the Biorb Light Unit in and out of its packaging. You can see the light’s size and design is an easy fit accessory. The low voltage light unit illuminates the biOrb and its inhabitants, turning the BiOrb into an illuminated aquarium.

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BiOrb First Aid Filter – What it Comes With

Buy a BiOrb First Aid Filter now! Our newest video blog shows what comes with the BiOrb First Aid Filter. The first aid filter is designed to eliminate infections and sicknesses in freshwater fish.  It fights most common fish diseases. 

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BiOrb Bubble Tube Guard

Some fish like to try a squeeze themselves into the most unlikely places. Just in case one of the fish in your BiOrb aquarium enjoys this behavior, we have a top for the BiOrb bubble tube, which prevents fish from getting in, while still allowing bubbles to get out.

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BiOrb Colored Seaweed Decoration Video

This video shows the biorb colored seaweed decoration in and out of the packaging so you can see a size comparison and what they look like aquarium.

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BiOrb Ceramic Media

This latest entry to our Video blog is all about why BiOrb Ceramic Media is necessary for keeping healthy, and happy, fish.

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Biube Pure – What Comes With It?

Buy the BiUbe Pure now! You’ve already seen the How To Setup the BiUbe Pure Aquarium “How To” video. But you wondered if anything in that video was included with the purchase of the BiUbe Pure, or if you had

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Volcano Sculpture in BiUbe Pure

The newest addition to our “see before you buy” video series, this ecclectic sculpture is used to cover your BiOrb or BiUbe’s bubble tube so you can have your very own erupting volcano inside your aquarium.

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BiOrb Scratch Remover & Polish

Buy some BiOrb Scratch Remover & Polish now! Todays entry is a short, but sweet, video about what comes with the Scratch Remover & Polish. Use the Scratch Remover & Polish to return your BiOrb or BiUbe to its original

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