New Biube Article – What Makes the Biube Different

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Everything Biorb - USA Biorb Store

Today we just published a new article about the Biube Aquarium.  The article highlights the differences between the Biube Aquariums & the Classic Biorb Aquariums.  It isn’t too long, and if you are thinking about getting a Biube, you should check out the full Biube Article Here, there is a summary of the article below.

Biube Article Summary

The only significant difference between the Biube Aquariums and the Classic Bio orb Tanks is the shape and design of the cylindrical Biube. If you like the shape of the Biube, then you will be happy with it, as it uses the same filtration and construction as Classic Biorb Aquariums. It is similar in price to the 8 Gallon Biorb, but holds an extra gallon of water, and for more bang for your buck, check out the Biube Pure. It is $195.95 and comes with the Biorb Intelligent LED Light ($105 value) that means if you were thinking about getting the Intelligent LED Light anyways, that means you get the Biube Pure for $90 ( a great deal).

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