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Ten Popular Saltwater Fish

1)    Seahorses may not be the same as other fish, but that is what makes them so popular. Seahorses are one of the most desired and most enjoyed types of saltwater fish, because they are unique and fun to watch.

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Ten Popular Freshwater Fish

1)    Beta fish stem from Southeast Asia and are one of the most popular freshwater fish, because the males have beautiful and colorful fins. 2)    Tetras come in neon colors and are probably the most popular freshwater fish. They are

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Salt Water vs. Fresh Water Fish

Deciding whether to purchase a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium has a lot to do with how you feel about the fish. The fish from the ocean are generally more exotic and beautiful, but also much more expensive, than

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Salt Water vs. Fresh Water Fish Tanks; Cost and Maintenance

Fish aquariums are a great addition to any home or office. They provide a feeling of peace and tranquility that studies indicate can benefit emotional well-being and even cardiovascular health. For example, small fish tanks with goldfish, which were placed

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Controlling Algae in Your Fish Tank

It can be so frustrating. You’ve just cleaned the tank a few days ago, and you already see brown spots forming in the tank. Algae, or diatoms, are the “grass of the sea,” because like natural grasses on land, algae

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Caring for Saltwater Fish

Saltwater fish can do well in either a glass or acrylic tank. However, acrylic fish tanks are available in more shapes and sizes and also better insulate the fish. It allows more light and is clearer than glass aquariums are.

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