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Everything Biorb Blog Reader Discount!

We know there are lots of websites and lots of blogs out there, so we want to thank all our blog readers by giving them a special discount, ONLY AVAILABLE TO BLOG READERS. We don’t advertise our blog reader discounts anywhere but our blog.

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Biorb Fish Tanks – What Famous People Own a Biorb

Ever wonder what celebrities own a biorb aquarium? Here’s a list

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Reef One Increasing Prices of All Biorb Products

Recently Reef One has increased the prices of all of the Biorb & Biube Aquariums, & Biorb & Biube Accessories, however, we have not increased our pricing as a result, the best time to stock up on biorb accessories is NOW.

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Biorb Accessories – Find the Perfect Biorb Accessory Now

We have recently created over 50 new pages that contain information (videos, articles, & descriptions) about nearly every biorb accessory. View the links to the particular products below to see the information, or send us an email at if you can’t find the answer to a question.

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5% Off Every Biorb Order – TODAY ONLY

coupon code -” EB5BLOG ” (all caps) Enter the coupon code in to the coupon box during checkout, coupon box is located below your items and above the shipping estimate box.

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New Biorb Life Video

n case you weren’t sure exactly what comes with the aquarium, and what the included accessories look like, watch this video to get an idea of the size and detail of the bio orb accessories included with all Bio orb Life Fish Tanks.

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New Biube Article – What Makes the Biube Different

The only significant difference between the Biube Tanks and the Biorb Tanks is the shape, size, and design of the Biube.

There are two different Biube Fish Tanks, the Classic Biube (available in Silver or Black), and the Biube Pure. Both Biube Aquariums are 9 gallons and are cylindrical in shape, rather than spherical like the classic Biorb Aquariums.

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Biorb Intelligent LED Light in Action – Video

This is our newest biorb video, it shows the 24 hour light cycle of the Biorb Intelligent Light. The Biorb Intelligent LED Light cycles from moonlight, to sunrise, to daylight, sunset, and then a moonlight setting again.

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