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How to Set Up a Biorb Life Aquarium – Video Tutorial

We published two new Biorb Life Videos today, one shows the Biorb Life Packaging and contents and the other is a video tutorial showing how to set up a Biorb Life Aquarium.

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Biorb Accessories – New Biorb Accessory Videos

That is exactly why we are creating product videos for EVERY BIORB ACCESSORY & AQUARIUM. We want our customers to have a better idea of what they are buying, before they spend money on it.

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New Biorb Acrylic Stand

The striking cylindrical design supports the complete range of Reef One aquariums and has been intelligently developed with two rear compartment to house the aquariums electrical parts eliminating any mess from the wires.

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Spyorb Aquarium – Coming Soon

Update to let everyone know that we should have the Spyorb Aquarium in stock in a month or two.  In the past the Spyorb tanks have only been available in the U.K. but are now beginning to be distributed throughout

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Baby Biorb Aquarium Sale – The Smallest Bio orb Fish Tank

The Baby Biorb is one of the most popular aquarium kits on the market, and for good reason. Starting today, for a limited time, the baby biorb fish tank will be $10 off in our online store, that’s over 10% off.

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Biorb Service Kit – Answers to Service Kit Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions from potential biorb customers, and current biorb owners is, What is the Biorb Service Kit Filter, and will it fit my aquarium? This article addresses that question, and briefly talks about the other two biorb filters, the biorb no algae kit, and the biorb first aid kit.

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Biube Pure with Neon Tetras

The video shows a Biube Pure completely set up with Neon Tetras and the Biorb Volcano decoration.

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Top 3 Cleaning Accessories For Your Biorb or Biube

You won’t need a lot of extra supplies to take care of your Biorb, but there are a couple products that we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that will save you a lot of time and headache when cleaning your biorb. They are listed below

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New Biorb Tutorial – How to Set up A Baby Biorb Aquarium

This video tuturial shows how to set up a baby biorb aquarium & get it ready for fish.

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How to Set Up the Biube Pure Aquarium – Video Tutorial

You talked, and we listened, our newest biorb tutorial video is now live, and we will be publishing several more throughout the week. The newest video is a tutorial showing how to set up a biube pure aquarium and what comes with the biube pure fish tank.

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