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The New BiOrb 15L Halo Aquarium with Multi Color Remote Lighting

  The newest tank at is the BiOrb Halo 15 Aquarium with multi color lighting. This is the newest fish tank that is part of the BiOrb Halo Tank series. This tank is the same size as our Baby BiOrb

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Save up to 70% off BiOrb and BiUbe Replacement Filter Kits

Do you love your Reef One BiOrb or BiUbe fish tank but don’t love paying for an expensive filter replacement every month? We have come up with a solution for you! Seahorse Enterprises, the parent company that runs the

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Everything Biorb Now Carries Fish Antibiotics & Medicines

we have added Fish Antibiotic Medicines to our products selection. Fish Antibiotics such as Fish Mox Forte & Fish Flex are great medicines that eliminate bacterial infections in reef and freshwater aquariums.

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Biorb Silk Plants – A Colorful Addition to Your Biorb or Biube

The Biorb Silk Plants are the newest decorations that Reef One has added to their Biorb Product Line. They come in a few different colors and are a great addition to any tank or biorb aquarium. If you don’t like the thick plastic plants that biorb currently sells the silk plants are a great alternative. They are soft and more realistic and come in red, green, and purple.

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Biorb Intelligent Heater – Coming Soon

Reef One has announced that the Biorb Intelligent Heater is coming sometime this month.  After waiting for a couple years for the long anticipated Biorb Iheat, the heater is finally on its way.  We are unsure whether the arrival date

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API Stress Coat

Here is a product that is a great water conditioner as well helps improve the health of damaged or sick fish.  It is the API Stress Coat by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (MARS).  This product works in fresh or salt water.  The

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Biorb Feng Shui Pebbles on Sale

Yesterday we put all our Biorb Feng Shui Pebbles on sale for $9.99. That is 30% off 10 different varieties of feng shui pebbles. We also added 5 new colors which are listed below.

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Baby Biorb Moonlight – Now Available!

After a long wait, the Baby Biorb Moonlight is now available. Previously it was only being sold in the U.K. The Baby Biorb Moonlight can be purchased by itself, or with a baby biorb moonlight aquarium.

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New Biorb Acrylic Stand

The striking cylindrical design supports the complete range of Reef One aquariums and has been intelligently developed with two rear compartment to house the aquariums electrical parts eliminating any mess from the wires.

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