About The Everything Biorb Blog

About Everything Biorb

We are located in Utah and specialize in biorb aquariums & fish tanks.  We focus only on biorb tanks & accessories, & constantly add new biorb information to our website.  Our website has information such as biorb video’s & tutorials, biorb articles, and detailed product information.

Phone: 801-691-3898

Email: info@everythingbiorb.com

Our Goal

Our goal for this blog is to share our biorb experience with others, and to hear feedback, comments, and experience of other biorb owners.  We want to better inform people interested in biorbs for the first time, and post new information like video’s & articles about biorb & biube aquariums & fish tanks.

We also plan on using this blog to keep everyone posted about new products, sales, new biorb video’s, & new biorb articles.  When we post new content, video’s, or articles on our website we will make a post about it here so everyone can know where to find it.

If you have a question, comment, or unique experience with biorb or biube aquariums that you think others would like to know, let us know!  We might just write an entire article about that specific topic.