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Biorb Air Pumps

If you are noticing that problem try attaching a small clamp or clip to the air tube coming from the air pump to slow down the air flow. Once the air flow has slowed down from your pump your betta fish will be be able to stay at the top of the aquarium longer.

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New Biorb Articles – Biorb Life, Biube Pure, Digital Thermometer…

Yesterday we published four new articles about biorb aquariums and products, including the biorb life, biube pure, biorb digital thermometer, and biorb air stones

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Today’s Sale is on Biorb Plant Packs

Today we are discount two of the most popular biorb plant packs, the Biorb Green Plant Pack (3 sizes) and the Biorb Autumn Fern Plant Pack. The plant packs are usually $10.99 but we are discounting them by $2 each, close to 20%, so grab yours today!

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Biorb Siphon Hose – The BEST Biorb Accessory

The Biorb Siphon Hose will save you a ton of time while cleaning your aquarium, and it will also help to clean your biorb or biube more thoroughly.

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Biorb Accessories – New Biorb Accessory Videos

That is exactly why we are creating product videos for EVERY BIORB ACCESSORY & AQUARIUM. We want our customers to have a better idea of what they are buying, before they spend money on it.

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