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Setting up your Biorb

Biorb tanks are different, in several ways, from standard aquariums. So, even if you have set up a fish tank before, if you are a first time Biorb or Biube owner, you will need to know some basic differences before

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Safe Decorations for your Biorb or Biube Fish Tank

Many people use their aquariums as a focal point in a room. In hopes of adding to the interest of the conversation piece, some fish owners will place found objects inside the tank as decoration. While this may give the

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Decorating your Biorb or Biube Fish Tank

Biorb and Biube fish tanks are well-known for their aesthetic appeal. While they have additional benefits of being more self-maintaining and easier to clean than other tanks, most people are drawn to these unusual tanks because they are so much

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Bioube and Biorb Lighting

Lighting is a part of setting up a Biorb or Biube tank to which many people do not give sufficient attention. All lights are created equal, right? Well, with fish tanks, light is more than just a way to view

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