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Everything Biorb Now Carries Fish Antibiotics & Medicines

we have added Fish Antibiotic Medicines to our products selection. Fish Antibiotics such as Fish Mox Forte & Fish Flex are great medicines that eliminate bacterial infections in reef and freshwater aquariums.

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Setting up your Biorb

Biorb tanks are different, in several ways, from standard aquariums. So, even if you have set up a fish tank before, if you are a first time Biorb or Biube owner, you will need to know some basic differences before

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Safe Decorations for your Biorb or Biube Fish Tank

Many people use their aquariums as a focal point in a room. In hopes of adding to the interest of the conversation piece, some fish owners will place found objects inside the tank as decoration. While this may give the

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Decorating your Biorb or Biube Fish Tank

Biorb and Biube fish tanks are well-known for their aesthetic appeal. While they have additional benefits of being more self-maintaining and easier to clean than other tanks, most people are drawn to these unusual tanks because they are so much

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Bioube and Biorb Lighting

Lighting is a part of setting up a Biorb or Biube tank to which many people do not give sufficient attention. All lights are created equal, right? Well, with fish tanks, light is more than just a way to view

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Feeding Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish aren’t very interactive pets. Perhaps the only interaction you’ll have with them is feeding them and taking them in and out of the aquarium for tank cleanings. Feeding the fish is what most people enjoy the most. It

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Caring for Sick or Injured Fish

Yes, fish get sick too. And sometimes, fish don’t get along. You may wake up one morning and look in your fish tank and see one with a fin half bitten off, or just swimming abnormally. Believe it or not,

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Aquarium Temperature Regulation

Unlike human beings and other mammals, fish do not create their own internal heat. They do not regulate their own body temperature, but depend upon their environment to do that for them. This is why regulating the temperature of a tank

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Aquarium Filtration

Aquariums need daily filtration. Fish create waste that gets distributed throughout the tank. Excessive feeding also leaves food deposits around the inside of the tank. Without filtration, these deposits of waste and excess food would raise the ammonia content to

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What is a Biorb Fish Bowl?

The first Biorb Fish Bowl was invented by Reef One in 1998. Since then, the suddenly very popular fishbowl has drawn many fish owners and copycats alike. The original designer bowl has been imitated in many variations over the last

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