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Biorb Service Kit – What Comes With It?

Ever wonder if you were buying the right filter for your biorb or biube? Or if the filter would be too small, and what came with it? Our newest video shows exactly what comes with the biorb service kit filter that fits all biorb and biube aquariums.

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Biorb Service Kit – Answers to Service Kit Questions

One of the most frequently asked questions from potential biorb customers, and current biorb owners is, What is the Biorb Service Kit Filter, and will it fit my aquarium? This article addresses that question, and briefly talks about the other two biorb filters, the biorb no algae kit, and the biorb first aid kit.

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New Biorb Video’s

Watch biorb accessory video’s before you decide to buy so you know exactly what you are getting!

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