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New Biorb Life Video

n case you weren’t sure exactly what comes with the aquarium, and what the included accessories look like, watch this video to get an idea of the size and detail of the bio orb accessories included with all Bio orb Life Fish Tanks.

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New Biube Article – What Makes the Biube Different

The only significant difference between the Biube Tanks and the Biorb Tanks is the shape, size, and design of the Biube.

There are two different Biube Fish Tanks, the Classic Biube (available in Silver or Black), and the Biube Pure. Both Biube Aquariums are 9 gallons and are cylindrical in shape, rather than spherical like the classic Biorb Aquariums.

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Why Should You Choose a Biorb Fish Tank? Top Reasons to Choose a Biorb

WHY CHOOSE A BIORB FISH TANK? Reef-One has sold close to a million biorb aquariums since the Biorb first launched, many of which are owned by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow & Ryan Seacrest. That is a lot of aquariums, but,

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