Biorb Service Kit – Answers to Service Kit Questions

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One of the most frequently asked questions from potential biorb customers, and current biorb owners is, What is the Biorb Service Kit Filter, and will it fit my aquarium? This article addresses that question, and briefly talks about the other two biorb filters, the biorb no algae kit, and the biorb first aid kit.

Think back to when you first opened your baby biorb aquarium. Excitedly you read the basic directions, set it up, fill it with water, and turn on the pump and light. It’s all set up, now I just have to cycle the aquarium and add fish, and the rest is a piece of cake, so you think.

Hopefully you are still excited about your Biorb Aquarium and it continues to be as fun for you as when you set it up. The key to a healthy aquarium is regular maintenance and water changes, which should only take a few minutes. If you regularly (1-2 weeks) change some of the water in your biorb tank, it should only take 5-10 minutes every time. When maintaining a fish tank becomes a hassle is when we wait several months to maintain it at all and the algae builds up so thick you almost have to replace the aquarium. Performing regular water changes and replacing your biorb service kit will help to avoid that situation.

The Biorb Service Kit – What is it & What Makes it Work?

The Biorb Service Kit is a unique and patented filter made specifically for the bio orb and bi ube aquarium line. The filter is home to both mechanical and chemical filtration that help keep your tank clean in addition to water stabilizers and a sponge filter that helps to trap fish waste as water is cycled through the filter. The mechanical and chemical filtration components of the service kit have about an 8 week active life, depending on your aquarium set up, which is why Reef One recommends changing your biorb service kit every 1-2 months.

Does the Biorb Service Kit Fit the Baby Biorb or Biube Aquariums?

The answer here is yes, the service kit fits every bi orb or biube aquarium made by Reef One, which is great news because that means you don’t need to worry about buying the wrong filter size. Just find the biorb service kit and it will work with your biorb or biube fish tank.

Biorb No Algae Filter

The No Algae Filter is a temporary filter that should only be used for 1-2 weeks at a time and works great with green, not brown algae. If using the Biorb No Algae Filter doesn’t help your aquarium you might want to try feeding your fish less, moving your aquarium to a place where it gets less sunlight, and performing more frequent, partial water changes.

Biorb First Aid Filter

The Biorb First Aid Filter is designed to help combat most typical fish ailments and comes with two packs of fish medicine to put into your tank. It should only be used for a short period (about a week) and if your fish don’t get better you might want to research what they are sick with and find a medication specifically for that ailment.

Biorb Service Kit Summary

The Biorb Service Kit is the basic filter for ALL biorb tanks or bi ube aquariums, including the baby biorb, biube pure, and biorb life tanks. It performs mechanical and chemical filtration through its design and has a sponge filter to trap fish waste. The active components of the service kit have a 6-8 week life, which is why Reef-One recommends changing the service kit every 1-2 months to help keep your aquarium in its optimal condition.

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