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Biorb Halogen Light Unit

This video shows the Biorb Light Unit in and out of its packaging. You can see the light’s size and design is an easy fit accessory. The low voltage light unit illuminates the biOrb and its inhabitants, turning the BiOrb into an illuminated aquarium.

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BiOrb First Aid Filter – What it Comes With

Buy a BiOrb First Aid Filter now! Our newest video blog shows what comes with the BiOrb First Aid Filter. The first aid filter is designed to eliminate infections and sicknesses in freshwater fish.  It fights most common fish diseases. 

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BiOrb Bubble Tube Guard

Some fish like to try a squeeze themselves into the most unlikely places. Just in case one of the fish in your BiOrb aquarium enjoys this behavior, we have a top for the BiOrb bubble tube, which prevents fish from getting in, while still allowing bubbles to get out.

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Featured Product: Seachem Ammonia Alert

The Seachem Ammonia Alert is an innovative product. No strips, no tests, just constant readings.

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Featured Product: Jungle 6-in-1 Quick Dip Test Strips

Don’t wanna spend money on all the different water quality tests that are on the market today? Well one Quick Dip Tests for all 6 levels in freshwater or saltwater aquariums: Chlorine, pH, Nitrate, Nitrite, Hardness, and Alkalinity

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Featured Product: Biorb & Biube No Algae Filter Kit

Today’s featured product is the Biorb & Biube No Algae Filter Kit. This filter kit is specifically for use in place of the Biorb & Biube Service Kit, its installed in the same way, but it gets rid of any pesky algae that gathers in your Biorb & Biube.

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API Stress Zyme

Today’s featured product is API Stress Zyme by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (MARS).  This product critical for cycling a new aquarium.  Stress Zyme is a biological filtration booster.  It serves two main purposes,  it contains live bacteria that speeds up the development

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API Stress Coat

Here is a product that is a great water conditioner as well helps improve the health of damaged or sick fish.  It is the API Stress Coat by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (MARS).  This product works in fresh or salt water.  The

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