Baby Biorb Aquarium Sale – The Smallest Bio orb Fish Tank

The Baby Biorb is one of the most popular aquarium kits on the market, and for good reason.  It makes a great desktop and tabletop aquarium in your home, office, or child’s bedroom.  The acrylic is 10x more durable than glass, so you don’t have to be worried about your kids breaking it.  Today we wanted to highlight the baby biorb aquarium and advertise our Baby Biorb Sale.  Starting today, for a limited time, the baby biorb fish tank will be $10 off in our online store, that’s over 10% off.  The regular price is $79.99 so the sale price is $69.99, hurry and grab yours now, because the sale won’t last long, and neither will they.

See the Baby Biorb Sale HereBaby Biorb Sale

Did you know that you can also get the baby biorb in different colors like Baby Pink, Glow in the Dark Green, Silver, Black, & more?  Just choose the color you want as you are checking out on our Biorb Store – The Best Source for Biorb Aquariums & Biorb Accessories & Biube Supplies on the internet. For a great baby biorb decoration, check out our Biorb Sculptures

The Baby Biorb Aquarium Kit comes with everything you need to set up your fish tank, as listed below.

Baby Biorb Aquarium Kit Includes:

  1. 1 Service Kit Filter
  2. 1 Biorb Airstone
  3. 1 Transformer
  4. 1 Light Unit & Light bulb
  5. Instructions
  6. Water Dechlorinator & water conditioner
  7. Sample fish food
  8. 1 Baby Biorb Air Pump
  9. Biorb Ceramic Media
  10. Baby Biorb Aquarium
Baby biorb fish tank with pink swap tops

Baby biorb fish tank with pink swap tops

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