How to Set Up the Biube Pure Aquarium – Video Tutorial

If you are like us then you probably get tired of reading pages of instructions when you buy a new product.  It would be so much easier if you could just see someone do it first, rather than trying to piece together different pieces of an instruction manual.

You talked, and we listened, our newest biorb tutorial video is now live, and we will be publishing several more throughout the week.  The newest video is a tutorial showing how to set up a biube pure aquarium and what comes with the biube pure fish tank.   And the good news is that the setup process for the biube pure is very similar to setting up any other biorb aquarium, so if you don’t have a biube pure, but just got a biorb or biube aquarium, this video is very applicable to you.  Now if you have questions about setting up  your biorb or biube fish tank you can watch it be done to help answer questions you have.

If you still have questions send us an email, call us, or submit a comment on our blog!

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