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Wednesday Biorb Sale is….

Today’s Biorb sale is on the Silver Biorb Acrylic Stand. The Acrylic stand is usually $160 but is $129 this week, that’s 20% off the retail price.

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It’s Gonna be a Good Week of Biorb Sales

This week is going to be a good one if you are looking to buy a biorb fish tank, biube fish tank, or biorb accessories & supplies. Why? Because we have a killer week of sales for you, starting with today there will be one new sale every day of the week. What is today’s special going to be, well here it is.

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The Biorb Coupon Book is Here – Over $150 in Discounts!

It is time for our announcement, we have created a way to save you a ton of money on your biorb supplies and accessories, our Biorb Coupon Book. With over $150 in savings, discounts, & coupons, this book won’t hurt your pocketbook. The Biorb Coupon Book is over a $50 value but for our loyal customers it is temporarily only $12.95, but hurry, because there are only 500 available, and with over 1 million biorb owners in the U.S., those 500 won’t last long!!

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Over $150 in Savings on Biorb Products, coming Monday!

The official, detailed announcement will be made on Monday, so check back Monday morning to find out how you can save over $150 on biorb fish tanks & supplies! And if you have friends that have a Biorb or Biube Fish Tank, let them know too, because everyone loves a good deal.

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Biorb Siphon Hose – The BEST Biorb Accessory

The Biorb Siphon Hose will save you a ton of time while cleaning your aquarium, and it will also help to clean your biorb or biube more thoroughly.

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Biorb Marine Conversion Kit

If you have seen any pictures of biorb aquariums, you probably consider it a freshwater aquarium. But did you know that Reef One makes a Biorb Marine Conversion Kit that easily converts your freshwater biorb into a saltwater tank

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Biorb Fish Tanks – What Famous People Own a Biorb

Ever wonder what celebrities own a biorb aquarium? Here’s a list

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Reef One Increasing Prices of All Biorb Products

Recently Reef One has increased the prices of all of the Biorb & Biube Aquariums, & Biorb & Biube Accessories, however, we have not increased our pricing as a result, the best time to stock up on biorb accessories is NOW.

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5% Off Every Biorb Order – TODAY ONLY

coupon code -” EB5BLOG ” (all caps) Enter the coupon code in to the coupon box during checkout, coupon box is located below your items and above the shipping estimate box.

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New Biorb Life Video

n case you weren’t sure exactly what comes with the aquarium, and what the included accessories look like, watch this video to get an idea of the size and detail of the bio orb accessories included with all Bio orb Life Fish Tanks.

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