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Yesterday we published four new articles about biorb aquariums and products, below you can see a brief excerpt of each article with a link to the original on our website.  If you have an idea for an article just send us an email at   We regularly write new articles about biorb products and aquariums.

Biorb Life Aquariums – A Fish Tank With Pizzaz

” If you are familiar with the Biorb Aquarium, chances are you have seen the new biorb life aquariums by now. If not, its time you do, because the Biorb Life Fish Tanks are some of the best looking aquariums on the market. They recently received the coveted Editors’ Choice Award at an Industry Trade Show in Las Vegas. With sleek, rounded edges and colorful design, the Biorb Life Aquarium is an interior designer’s dream aquarium.”

Biube Pure Fish Tank – The Clear Alternative to a Classic Biube

If you have eyed a biube or biorb aquarium but didn’t like the top and bottom pieces that cover several inches of the aquarium, the biube pure is for you. It was designed specifically to give you a complete view of the entire aquarium, 360 degrees around and from top to bottom. There is no bulky lid, light, or top to distract from easily watching and enjoying your fish.

Biorb Air Stones – They Put The Bubbles In Your Biorb

The Biorb Air stones are small, but they are an essential part of your biorb filtration system that keep your fish healthy. Independent testing by Reef One has shown that the oxygenation levels in the biorb aquariums are better than oxygenation levels in regular fish tanks, this means your fish stay healthier. Oxygen is an essential part to keeping your fish healthy.

Biorb Digital Thermometer – The Easy Way To Monitor Water Temperature

Aquarium thermometers are a dime a dozen. You can find them at every local pet store and they range in price from $1 – $40, depending on your needs. At least I think that’s the price cap, I have yet to see any diamond studded aquarium thermometers or fish necklaces. That being said, why should you spend $13 on a biorb digital thermometer for your biorb fish tank, rather than a couple bucks on a regular glass thermometer with a suction cup?

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