Cleaning Fish Tanks

The freshwater tank is the most common variety of aquarium setup. For those who have freshwater biorb tanks, cleaning and maintenance can be relatively simple, as long as you start with a quality filter.

The filter should be selected for the larger range of tank sizes. For example, if you have a 20-gallon tank, you could choose between the 10-20 gallon filter and the 20-30 gallon filter. Choosing the filter that can handle more means you’ll have a cleaner tank for longer.

Gravel in the tank helps maintain healthy bacteria in the water. Bacteria may sound undesirable, but the bacterial colonies that dwell in fish tanks actually help balance the pH in the water to the level that your fish need in order to thrive.

To clean your tank, take out all of the decorations and clean them with a toothbrush and warm water. Remove the visible algae without using soap or anything that can affect the pH, when you put it back into the tank. Next, do the same with any larger rocks. Then, scrub the glass where needed, with the same toothbrush.

The gravel may be looking pretty dingy, but resist the urge to take it all out and replace it. Instead, keep the bacteria there while removing most of the waste using a water vacuum. These little hand-pump tubes are easy to use.

Pump the tube part of the vacuum up and down in the water, away from the fish, until the water starts coming of the other end of the line. Make sure, of course, that the other end of the line is sitting in a bucket, for disposal. Then, run the tube along the bottom of the tank, filtering out the waste from the gravel. Finish by changing the filter after the water goes clear again.

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