Fish Tank Styles

So you’re looking to buy a biorb fish tank, but you don’t know what kind you would like. Well, a lot depends on your budget and the space you have available for the tank. Also, you have to consider cleaning and maintenance time and expense, which varies based on the size, shape, and design of the fish tank.

For those with a big budget and the desire to do something different, you can get a 187 gallon in-wall fish tank, or one in a smaller size. It is a rectangle shaped tank that is designed to be installed inside a wall. If the wall is the right depth, you can actually see the tank from both sides.

Hexagonal aquariums are popular and come in many sizes. Starting with very small plastic versions, you can get a quality 35-gallon hexagonal model that comes with a special light hood, designed to fit the unique shape of the aquarium.

If you’re looking for something very unique, you can get a jelliquarium, which is an aquarium shaped in a circle, usually set into a square display case of some kind. The jelliquarium is especially designed for holding and viewing jellyfish.

For those who simply want a standard rectangular fish tank, you still have many options to choose from in size as well as included accessories. Some come with the light, filter, heater, gravel, and even the stand. Others are just an aquarium that you can equip with the accessories of your choice. There are many different styles of fish tanks to choose from, but the most important factor is deciding what style will be best for your interests, time, and budget.

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