API Stress Coat

API Stress Coat

Here is a product that is a great water conditioner as well helps improve the health of damaged or sick fish.  It is the API Stress Coat by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (MARS).  This product works in fresh or salt water.  The two main things that this product does is remove chlorine, chloramines, and ammonia in tap water. and repair damaged skin and fins as well as replace slime coating reducing electrolyte loss.  Stress Coat contains aloe vera which promotes healing and regeneration of damaged fish tissue and forms a synthetic slime coat to help prevent electrolyte loss.  Stress Coat also removes chlorine, chloramines and ammonia, and detoxifies heavy metals in tap water.

When to use:  When setting up an aquarium, adding or handling fish, changing water or when fish are damaged or injured by disease.

To help repair damaged skin and fins and to replace slime coating:  Add 10 ml per 10 gallons (38L) of aquarium water.

To remove chlorine and chloramines:  Add 5 ml per 10 gallons (38L) of aquarium water.

Tip: Use with Stress Zyme to assure good water quality, and efficient biological filter and a healthier and clean aquatic environment.

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