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Black Friday Sales & New Videos

If you haven’t seen our Black Friday Sales check them out here. Nearly every product on sale – 20-50% Off Biorb Bonus Bucks & Price Match Gaurantee

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Our Hot Holiday Biorb Sales!!!

We know that this holiday season more than ever shoppers need to get more bang for their buck. That is why Everything Biorb has three huge promotions this holiday season to get you everything you need at the best price possible.

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New Blog Reader Special

Today we have a new special exclusively for visitors to our blog. The special is for free shipping on any order over $40, and the biorb coupon code is below. ENJOY!

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Baby Biorb Moonlight Videos On The Way

We recently received our first shipment of the baby biorb moonlights, and we are working to create videos of the moonlight to show off what it can do. When we finish the videos we will post them on our blog, video section, and in our store. If you have ideas for videos about the biorb moonlight let us know.

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Biorb Siphon Hose – The BEST Biorb Accessory

The Biorb Siphon Hose will save you a ton of time while cleaning your aquarium, and it will also help to clean your biorb or biube more thoroughly.

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Biorb Marine Conversion Kit

If you have seen any pictures of biorb aquariums, you probably consider it a freshwater aquarium. But did you know that Reef One makes a Biorb Marine Conversion Kit that easily converts your freshwater biorb into a saltwater tank

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Biorb Fish Tanks – What Famous People Own a Biorb

Ever wonder what celebrities own a biorb aquarium? Here’s a list

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Reef One Increasing Prices of All Biorb Products

Recently Reef One has increased the prices of all of the Biorb & Biube Aquariums, & Biorb & Biube Accessories, however, we have not increased our pricing as a result, the best time to stock up on biorb accessories is NOW.

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Biorb Accessories – Find the Perfect Biorb Accessory Now

We have recently created over 50 new pages that contain information (videos, articles, & descriptions) about nearly every biorb accessory. View the links to the particular products below to see the information, or send us an email at if you can’t find the answer to a question.

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Spyorb Aquarium – Coming Soon

Update to let everyone know that we should have the Spyorb Aquarium in stock in a month or two.  In the past the Spyorb tanks have only been available in the U.K. but are now beginning to be distributed throughout

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