Biorb Intelligent LED Light in Action – Video

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This is our newest biorb video, it shows the 24 hour light cycle of the Biorb Intelligent Light.  The Biorb Intelligent LED Light cycles from moonlight, to sunrise, to daylight, sunset, and then a moonlight setting again.  You never have to replace any lightbulbs for the Intelligent Light because the long lasting LED’s last up to 50,000 hours.  The Biorb LED light helps to reduce stress on your fish because it simulates the natural light in your fish’s environment.

Where can you buy the Intelligent LED Light?

The Biorb Intelligent LED light can be bought in our Biorb Online Store for $105.  Alternatively it comes with all the Biorb Life Aquariums or the Biube Pure.  That means, if you are planning on buying the Intelligent Light, for $90 more you could get the Biube Pure Aquarium, which is a GREAT DEAL.

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