Save up to 70% off BiOrb and BiUbe Replacement Filter Kits

Do you love your Reef One BiOrb or BiUbe fish tank but don’t love paying for an expensive filter replacement every month? We have come up with a solution for you! Seahorse Enterprises, the parent company that runs the website has put together their own replacement filter kit for all BiOrb and BiUbe tanks.  Our replacement filter kit comes with the foam and media and allows you to re-use your plastic filter cartridge to save you up to 70% on replacing your Biorb Filter.

We have had many customers request a maintenance solution that allowed them to replace only the components of their filter that were worn out, and they were willing to reuse the sturdy filter cartridge inside their tanks when they service their aquariums. To meet that request, we developed a replacement kit that encouraged both recommended and frequent maintenance without all of the extra cost.

The foam in our Biorb Replacement Filter Kit is non-toxic and along with the carbon packets function to reduce the ammonia, toxins, sludge and even odor that comes along with a fish tank.

Our Filter Replacement Kits start at $9.95 for a 2-pack which includes 2 filter foam disks and 2 packets of carbon/zeolite granules. A 2-pack provides 2-4 months of filter maintenance at a cost of $2.50 to $5 per month. Standard service kits cost around $12-13 per kit (less if you purchase in bulk) which includes 1 foam disk, 1 application of carbon/zeolite granules, the filter cartridge housing, and water conditioner packets. We offer both solutions in several money-saving bulk packages at our website –

We have more alternatives to your BiOrb Service Kit Filters.

Alternatives are:

The Biorb Complete Filter Replacement Kit for BiOrb and BiUbe Aquariums (Includes: 2 Replacement Foam Filter Discs, 2 Replacement Carbon Packets, and 2 Zyme and Coat Sachets)

The Biorb Premium Filter Replacement Kit for BiOrb and BiUbe Aquariums (Includes: 2 Replacement Foam Filter Discs, 2 Replacement Carbon Packets, 2 Airstones and 6 Cleaning Pads (2 Packs of 3)

The filter cartridge in your biOrb™ aquarium should be changed every 4-8 weeks. Frequency of filter changes depends on the size of your biOrb ™ and the fish stocking level.

Directions for maintaining your filter using the filter replacement kit are below in print and in video:

Remove existing filter from tank during your next maintenance water change (20% water removal). Open cartridge and discard foam and carbon media, saving plastic cartridge. Empty one new media packet into cartridge, followed by one foam filter. Reassemble filter and place back in tank.

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