Biorb Silk Plants – A Colorful Addition to Your Biorb or Biube

The Biorb  Silk Plants are the newest decorations that Reef One has added to their Biorb Product Line.  They come in a few different colors and are a great addition to any tank or biorb aquarium.  If you don’t like the thick plastic plants that biorb currently sells the silk plants are a great alternative.  They are soft and more realistic and come in red, green, and purple.  The Reef One Silk Plants have weighted ceramic bottoms so that they stay standing up and don’t float to the top of your aquarium.  They are also available in a three different sizes.

Biorb Small Red & Green Silk Plants

Biorb Medium Green Silk Plant

Biorb Medium Green & Purple Silk Plant

Biorb Large Red & Green Silk Plants

biorb silk plant decorations

Biorb Silk Plants

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