What is a Biorb Fish Bowl?

The first Biorb Fish Bowl was invented by Reef One in 1998. Since then, the suddenly very popular fishbowl has drawn many fish owners and copycats alike. The original designer bowl has been imitated in many variations over the last several years. Several famous individuals have purchased the original Biorb fish bowl, such as Mariah Carey and Ryan Seacrest.

A design meant for beauty and function, the Biorb fish bowl helps clean itself. Sophisticated and technically superior to a standard bowl or aquarium, the original Biorb is shaped like a large, clear Christmas ball ornament.

Round with a flat bottom and a circular lid on top, the Biorb contains a clear central tube that continually passes water through it, a filtration process that gives Biorb owners more time between cleanings. Since the original round bowl, rectangular and other shaped Biorb bowls have become popular as well.

4-60 gallons of water are held in the bowl, allowing for a variety of fish to live in the Biorb environment. The Biorb has a filter that needs to be changed every 4-6 weeks. And a third of the water needs to be changed out every few weeks. This involves siphoning out 30% of the water and replacing it with new treated water.

The Biorb fish bowl is considered very Feng Shui, as the smooth rounded shape, the flowing water, and the beautiful fish create peace in the home or office environment. While it may not be a good choice for bottom-dwelling fish, surface-feeder fish in many varieties would be quite content in a Biorb environment. A Biorb bowl can add interest and beauty to almost any space.

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