Feeding Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish aren’t very interactive pets. Perhaps the only interaction you’ll have with them is feeding them and taking them in and out of the aquarium for tank cleanings. Feeding the fish is what most people enjoy the most.

It probably will not come as a surprise, therefore, that overfeeding is the number one cause of aquarium problems in the United States. Overfeeding can not only make the fish sick, but it can dirty a tank incredibly fast.

When feeding your fish, keep in mind that fish do not need to keep their bodies warm, like we do. They live in and with the temperature of their tank and thus do not need the energy it takes to produce internal heat.

Fish eat much less than most people realize. So, start by putting in several flakes, not a pinch, which probably contains too many flakes. Just put in several and watch the fish eat.

After they finish the first several flakes, you can add several more. If they eat those greedily, you can add a third portion. When they lose interest or eat and spit the food back out, that should signal you that your fish have had enough to eat.

Watch for these signs of overfeeding: 1) The tank has a “fishy smell.” 2) Uneaten food is left in deposits around the tank. 3) Algae growth is reddish or brown/black, rather than green, 4) The water tests positive for ammonia content, 5) The water is cloudy instead of clear, and 6) The filter needs changing more frequently than is customary.

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