Setting up your Biorb

Biorb tanks are different, in several ways, from standard aquariums. So, even if you have set up a fish tank before, if you are a first time Biorb or Biube owner, you will need to know some basic differences before you set up your tank.
Biorb and Biube tanks now come in many sizes and different shapes. Whether you are starting a small one, or a larger one, these instructions will help you treat your Biorb or Biube correctly. One of the best things about these tanks is how lightweight and surprisingly durable they are.

Acrylic is much lighter than glass, but at the same time less breakable. Carrying your Biorb or Biube tank full of water is actually possible. Even the 16 gallon tank full of water is only 132 pounds, a weight that can be carried by most men.

The Biorb or Biube tank comes with filter, air pump, halogen light, water conditioner, ceramic media and fish food all included. Check to make sure that, as listed in the instructions, all pieces are there. Start by treating the water. It usually needs to sit overnight.

Put the air stone where the instructions indicate and gently press it in. Then, the filtration unit needs to be placed over the air stone. Tighten this by turning it counter-clockwise until it is firmly placed.

Then, make sure the ceramic media has been rinsed and place that around the filter on the bottom. Place some of the treated water into the tank, just above the bottom, so you can still place your decorations.

Pour in the bottom decoration you have chosen, like stones or pebbles. But gravel and sand are not appropriate for the bottom filter, in a Biorb or Biube, as they could clog it. Now you can place your decorations and finish pouring in the water. After about 24 hours running, you can test the pH and see if it is safe to add your fish.

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