Ten Popular Freshwater Fish

1)    Beta fish stem from Southeast Asia and are one of the most popular freshwater fish, because the males have beautiful and colorful fins.

2)    Tetras come in neon colors and are probably the most popular freshwater fish. They are easy to care for and get along well with other fish.

3)    Angelfish are enjoyed for their beautiful and graceful bodies, narrow, round, and decorated with bold stripes.

4)    Kissing Gourami fish end up in most freshwater tanks, eventually. They are very peaceful and come in soft colors. The males lock lips in territorial disputes, giving them the “kissing” name.

5)    Fantail Guppies are cute little rounded fish. The females are rather dull and brown in coloring, but the males come in a variety of flashy colors.

6)    Oscar fish are usually peaceful, but have been known to gobble up a smaller tank-mate, now and then. They enjoy rock ledges in the tank and like to dig.

7)    Mollies are fish that come in a variety of colors, including dalmation coloring (black with white spots and white with black spots). Mollies will eat some of the algae that forms in the tank and like a little salt in the water.

8)    Swordtail Platies are a favorite from Mexico and Guatemala, known for their bright red coloring. Males have the extended “sword” tail, but the females do not.

9)    Jack Dempsey Fish, in spite of their Americanized name, come from Guatemala and Honduras. They are aggressive and destructive, so should be kept separate from non-compatible fish.

10)    Zebra Danios are native to Eastern India and can be aggressive. The males come in pretty blue and silver stripes. They are also easy to keep.

All of these fish are freshwater fish that are kept in numerous homes across the nation. However, it is important to not only choose the fish that you like best but to research enough to make sure the different types you choose will be compatible.

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