Ten Popular Saltwater Fish

1)    Seahorses may not be the same as other fish, but that is what makes them so popular. Seahorses are one of the most desired and most enjoyed types of saltwater fish, because they are unique and fun to watch.

2)    Surgeons are called that because their tail spines are “scalpel-sharp.” These tail spines are used to defend and protect territory. They are also very colorful and can have beautiful patterns.

3)    Angels have always been popular because of their beauty, although they are delicate and will fight other angelfish.

4)    Boxfish and trunkfish are challenging to keep. They look box-shaped and can release toxins when upset.

5)    Basselets are another colorful fish that comes in red, purple, yellow or orange. They can live in smaller reef tanks.

6)    Lionfish are some of the most impressive saltwater fish, with surprising colors and long elegant fins. However, they are aggressive, so live food is required to keep them happy. Their long spines are also poisonous and can be dangerous.

7)    Mandarins are incredibly beautiful with swirling patterns of blue, orange, and purple. They are non-aggressive and get along well with other fish.

8)    Butterflyfish get along well with each other, but eat coral, anemones, and invertebrates in the wild. So, if you have these things in your tank, this is not the fish for you.

9)    Triggerfish are called that because they have a dorsal fin they can lock into position to keep from being pulled out of a hiding place. They have sharp teeth that point out, for eating sea urchins and invertebrates.

10)    Clownfish were popular before “Finding Nemo” came out, but now they are even more popular as every parent and grandparent is begged for a little Nemo for the tank.

All of these fish can be beautiful and exciting additions to a saltwater tank, as long as you are careful to select those that will get along well with each other and not eat the live plants you have chosen.

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