Caring for Saltwater Fish

Saltwater fish can do well in either a glass or acrylic tank. However, acrylic fish tanks are available in more shapes and sizes and also better insulate the fish. It allows more light and is clearer than glass aquariums are.

A major drawback is that acrylic fish tanks are often two to three times more expensive than glass tanks. Acrylic can also be scratched, more easily, so care must be taken when cleaning the tank inside and out. Interestingly, if the goal is a lower maintenance tank, the larger tanks will provide that.

The filter system, with saltwater fish, can be biological, mechanical or a combination. Using a gravel biological filter, the water is pulled down from the top of the tank, through the gravel below. Live rocks, on the other hand, can help filter without the use of electricity.

Using live rocks, your fish tank will require a fluorescent light that is full-spectrum. You will need a heater that will work for the appropriate size of tank and a thermometer to make sure the temperature stays in range.

The water must be treated with a water conditioner, before placing any fish in it, or after a cleaning. Salt needs to be mixed to approximately 1.020 or 1.025 gravity.

Finally, the feeding of the fish is important, especially with saltwater fish. Many have special diets, which should always be looked into before purchasing a new saltwater fish. All of these techniques can help ensure a longer life and more enjoyment from your saltwater fish.

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