Featured Product: Biorb & Biube No Algae Filter Kit

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Today’s featured product is the Biorb & Biube No Algae Filter Kit. This filter kit is specifically for use in place of the Biorb & Biube Service Kit, its installed in the same way, but it gets rid of any excessive algae that gathers in your Biorb & Biube.

Algae is the bane of many aquarists. No matter how many times you clean the algae off, it always grows back. However, algae can be both a good and a bad thing to your fish. Algae consume nutrients in the aquarium that, if allowed to grow, and multiply, can harm your fish. There is no way to fully get rid of algae, without sacrificing the other life in your aquarium. Small amounts of algae are natural, but excessive growth could be a sign of poor water quality, caused by a number of factors.

The Biorb No Algae Filter Kit is great for getting rid of that pesky algae that always grows on your Biorb. The process for installing the No algae filter kit is simple:

  • Wipe inside of aquarium with the provided cleaning pad. Let aquarium sit for, at least, 4 hours to allow floating algae to collect into your existing filter.
  • remove your bubble tube, and filter.
  • seperate the bubble tube from the old filter.
  • place the No Algae filter on bubble tube. And place back in aquarium.
  • add the contents of one packet into aquarium. Water will remain cloudy for 2 days. If water does not clear up in 2 days, add contents of second packet.

WARNING: this is a treatment filter and must be replaced with a standard service kit after 7 days. NOT FOR PROLONGED USE.

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