Biorb Halogen Light Unit

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This video shows the Biorb Light Unit in and out of its packaging. You can see the light’s size and design is an easy fit accessory. The low voltage light unit illuminates the biOrb and its inhabitants, turning the BiOrb into an illuminated aquarium. The light unit does not impose on the biOrb’s attractive shape and has a hole in the top for easy fish feeding. The white light simulates daylight, which assists with plant growth and brings out the true colors of the fish in your BiOrb. With the anti-glare shield removed (see instructions) the biOrb can be transformed into a living table lamp.

The Biorb light bulb is included with the unit. Use the light unit only with Biorb and Biube aquariums. No transformer is included and fits the 8, 9, and 16 gallon Biorb and Biube aquariums.

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