Biube Pure – What Comes With It?

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You’ve already seen the How To Setup the BiUbe Pure Aquarium “How To” video. But you wondered if anything in that video was included with the purchase of the BiUbe Pure, or if you had to buy them seperately. Well have no fear, we’ve created the “What Comes With It?” series of videos specifically so you know what you get with the aquarium and what you’ll need.

The Biube Pure Aquariums is a 9 gallon fish tank with an advanced filtration system which is simple and straightforward to maintain. The Biube pure is available in the crystal clear acrylic or captivating blue tint which includes a filter cartridge, water treatment, fish food and all the instructions you for the aquarium. The Biube Pure also includes the safe low voltage LED light which provides an automatic 24 hour lighting cycle including a natural gradual sunrise, sunset, and blue moon light.

The Biube Pure comes with:

  • The aquarium, Bubble Tube and top.
  • one Service Kit
  • 4lbs. of Ceramic Media
  • One Biorb Air Pump
  • One Transformer
  • Sample fish food pack
  • Water Conditioner
  • Low voltage Intelligent LED light
  • Easy-to-use instructional booklet

Anything else included in our “How To” videos you must purchase from our site Things such as the Feng Shui pebbles, grass rings, or Biorb sculptures can all be found on our website.

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