The Advantages of the Biorb Fish Bowl

The Biorb fish bowl, created by Reef One in 1998, has fast become a sensation. Finally, something unique and different in fish aquariums has arrived and would-be fish owners have responded. The Biorb bowl has many advantages.

First of all, the bowl was designed for beauty. The original, shaped like a Christmas ball ornament, is round and clear with a small lid for access on the top. But, now Biorb fish bowls also come in square and rectangular shapes with rounded edges. The designer look has helped make them as popular as they are today.

But looks are only skin deep, and discriminating fish owners want more than just an eye-pleasing container. The Biorb offers a superior system that actually partially self-cleans. The environment for the fish is generally healthier and cleaner for the fish that live in it.

A clear tube, located in the center of the tank, continually cycles the water, helping the filter to catch debris that might otherwise just sit on the bottom and increasing oxygenation of the water, for the fish. This feature may be the best feature of the Biorb bowl, because it makes it easier for owners, with more time between cleanings and a simplified cleaning process.

The Biorb bowl uses mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, in concert with water treatment, to maintain water optimization and healthy oxygen levels for the fish. This also keeps the water clearer longer, making the Biorb fish bowl more attractive than aquariums that quickly buildup algae and debris. The Biorb fish bowl is an obvious choice for owners who want the most attractive look, the healthiest water environment, and the easiest maintenance.

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