Setting up a Biorb Aquarium – Tutorial Video

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The newest video addition to our “How To” video series is on how to setup your Biorb aquarium. We used a Baby Biorb aquarium in this video but there is no difference in setup when compared to the regular Biorb 8 gal. and the Mega Biorb 16 gal.

The Biorb Aquarium is made form crystal clear acrylic that is 10 times stronger than glass. The tank has a four, eight, or sixteen gallon capacity and available colors are black or silver. The fish tank also includes a low voltage light, air pump, patented filtration system, ceramic media (gravel), water chemicals, spare light bulb, instruction booklet, and food.

The aquarium provides the traditional look of a fish bowl with the performance of a “high tech” fish tank. The filter design of the BiOrb utilizes a unique systemized five-stage method combining biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. Once filled, the BiOrb filter is barely visible in the bottom of the aquarium, and there is nothing to detract from the perfect, 360 degree viewing of the BiOrb aquarium. BiOrb’s stylish, globe-shaped design will prove an eye-catching feature in any location.

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