The BiOrb Complete Cleaning Kit. The Fit for All of Your Cleaning Needs!


Keeping your BiOrb Aquarium clean is not only important for the look of your tank but even more importantly, it isĀ neededĀ for the health of your pet fish. Thanks to the ingenious BiOrb Filtration System the BiOrb Fish Tanks do most of the work for you. However, we still live in the real world and not some fairy tale town where your cleaning needs get taken care of by some elves in the middle of the night. If you decided you wanted to have pet fish then you also decided that you would put in the effort to give them a clean home. Just think about how you feel when your home is very dirty – your pet fish feel the same way. has put together a smorgasbord board of BiOrb items to fill your aquarium cleaning needs!

When you clean your house you have different appliances to help you. You need a vacuum to help you clean the carpet and get all of the dirt and other gunk in the carpet out. You use a spray and a rag to help you clean the windows. A house always looks much more well kept if the windows are glistening. You use filters in your air vents in order to catch any dust or pollen that could flow throughout your house and keeps your air cleaner. All things that if you did not keep up with would lead to a very dirty house.

The BiOrb Siphon Hose is just like the vacuum in your home. The BiOrb Siphon Hose get down into the BiOrb Ceramic Media and sucks up all the excess gunk at the bottom of your tank.

The BiOrb Algae Cleaner and the BiOrb Cleaning Pads both help you clean the “window” of your BiOrb Fish Tank.

The BiOrb Service Kit is that filter that catches and holds onto all of the junk that tries to pass through.

If you want to keep your tank clean for your fish just like you want your own house clean then you need to get the proper tools to do so. The BiOrb Complete Cleaning Kit gives you all of those tools!


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