Thinking about buying Baby Biorb Light Bulbs? Watch this video to get a better idea of what the light bulbs really look like before spending any money.

This video shows the Baby Biorb Light Bulbs in their packaging. You can see the size of the light bulbs and that two bulbs are included in the package.

The 5 watt halogen baby biorb light bulb in the baby biOrb light unit should last for around 1200 hours. Reef-one recommends leaving the light on for 6-7 hours a day.The Baby biOrb bulb must be replaced with the correct Reef One 5 watt 12 volt bulb. Larger bulbs may have an adverse effect on the light unit and Baby biOrb. If you need to replace your Baby Biorb Light Bulb, always use official Reef One bulbs to ensure that no damage is caused to the light unit.This bulb is suitable for the Baby biOrb only.

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