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This post is to show off one of our newest Biorb videos in our line of “How to” videos by The Biube pure aquarium is a beautiful addition to any home, but we here at want you to be happy with any, and all purchases you might make with us in the future. So we made this video to show you how to setup and keep your Biube Pure before you buy. All the items you see in this video such as the Biorb Service Kit, Biorb Ceramic Media, and Biorb Feng shui pebbles can all be bought right on, your one stop shop for EVERYTHING Biorb!

The 9 gallon Biube aquarium has an advanced filtration system thats simple to use, and even easier to maintain. This stunning aquarium is available in two colors, the basic crystal clear acrylic, or the captivating blue tint. The Biube Pure comes with a safe low voltage LED light that includes a full day cycle, sunrise to sunset and blue moon lighting.

Not interested in the Biube Pure but still want a good-looking, easy to maintain, aquarium? Why not try the smaller Baby Biorb aquarium! Or the newest addition to the family of Biorb aquariums, The super attractive Biorb Life aquarium! Or if you want to stick with the basics, there is always the Biorb and Biube aquariums to choose from. All aquariums come in different sizes, and some even come in beaufiul designer colors.

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