Biorb Accessories

Biorb fish bowls are special bowls that are usually round shaped or rectangular with rounded edges. Mostly enclosed, except for a small lid on top, the Biorb fish bowl helps clean itself with a clear tube inside the bowl that continually moves the water, helping to filter it naturally.

However, the Biorb bowl cannot fully clean itself, and thus requires a Biorb service kit to keep it in top form. Starting with the Biorb filter, the cartridges need to be replaced every 4-6 weeks. If the Biorb bowl is keeping clean enough, one could wait up to 2 months to change the filter.

Also in the service kit, and something that can be purchased separately, is a water treatment packet. It is important to maintain proper levels of chemicals like nitratesĀ and phosphates that can become imbalanced, threatening the fish in the bowl. There are also test strips to help monitor these levels.

Biorb intelligent heaters are available that use the iHeat intelligent heating system. They are not large and unseemly, like many other aquarium heaters. These intelligent heaters sense the temperature and adjust it accordingly. As aesthetic beauty is a primary function of the Biorb bowl, it is important that the heater does not detract from the look of the bowl.

Biorb lights are available in regular and in moonlight varieties, for different affects. The baby Biorb has its own versions of these light bulbs, requiring a smaller size. To add to the mood, Biorb plants and substrates are available to decorate and beautify the Biorb fish bowl to the unique tastes of its owner.

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