Biorb No Algae Filter Videos - Watch Videos of the Biorb Anti Algae Filter


Thinking about buying a Biorb No Algae Filter? Do you know what comes with the anti algae filter and if it will help eliminate the algae in your biorb?  Watch this video to get a better idea of what the biorb no algae filter looks like, what comes with it, and if it is the right filter for your biorb fish tank.

This video shows the Biorb No Algae Filter in its packaging, and everything that comes with the service kit filter.

The no algae filter is designed to fight algae in your biorb or biube fish tank.  It works well against green algae, but it doesn't eliminate brown or black algae.  Green algae is caused by extra light in your aquarium, while brown/black algae is often the result of overfeeding your fish, or a dirty aquarium.  The No algae filter should only be used for 7 days and then should be replaced with a regular service kit filter.

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Biorb Anti Algae Filter - What It Includes

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