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Looking for a little bit more information about a particular biorb or biube accessory? We have recently created over 50 new pages that contain information (videos, articles, & descriptions) about nearly every biorb accessory. View the links to the particular products below to see the information, or send us an email at if you can’t find the answer to a question.

Biorb Maintenance Accessories & Biorb Filters

  1. biorb service kit – the basic biorb filter
  2. biorb no algae kit – prevents and eliminates algae in biube, baby biorb, and biorb aquariums
  3. biorb first aid kit – helps cure most common fish diseases in freshwater biorb aquariums and fish tanks
  4. biorb airstones – help oxygenate your biorb or biube aquarium for your fish
  5. biorb siphon hose – a pump cleaner for easily taking out water and fish waste from your aquarium
  6. Biorb Cleaning Pads – soft cleaning pads to clean your aquarium and prevent scratches on your biorb tank
  7. Biorb One Way Valve – stops water from leaking into the air pump in case the air pump is placed below the biorb aquarium
  8. Biorb Ceramic Media –¬† allow beneficial bacteria to live inside your bio orb that break down fish waste and eliminate harmful chemicals
  9. Bi0 orb Scratch Remover – removes scratches from the acrylic in biorb, biube, baby biorb, & biorb life aquariums
  10. Biorb Magnet Algae Cleaner Рeasily removes algae build up in your biube or biorb  aquarium without lots of scrubbing.
  11. Biorb Marine Service Kit – the basic filter for a marine biorb aquarium
  12. Bi orb Timer – helps remind you when to clean, feed, and maintain your biorb fish tank
  13. Biorb Air Pump – pumps air through the airstone into your aquarium
  14. Biorb Transformer – the light and air pump plug into it to eliminate plugging multiple cords into power outlets
  15. Biorb Tube Guard – prevents fish from swimming into the biorb bubble tube by blocking the entrance
  16. Biorb Digital Thermometer – a digital display thermometer to tell you what temperature your biorb aquarium is

Biorb Decorations & Plants

  1. Biorb Stand
  2. Biorb Acrylic Stand – Aquarium stand made specifically for the biorb aquariums
  3. Biorb Plants – full range of biorb plastic plants for biorb and biube aquariums
  4. Biorb Green Plants – green biorb plastic plants that are ceramic weighted
  5. Biorb Winter Fern Plants
  6. Biorb Winter Flower Plants
  7. Biorb Blue Plants
  8. Biorb Pink Plants
  9. Biorb Red Plants
  10. Biorb Purple Plants
  11. Biorb Autumn Fern Plant
  12. Biorb Sculptures – full line of Samuel Baker Biorb Sculptures for the biorb and biube aquariums
  13. Biorb Black Pebble Sculpture
  14. Biorb Green Pebble Sculpture
  15. Biorb Coral Sculpture
  16. Biorb Clamshell Sculpture
  17. Spanish Dancer Sculpture
  18. Biorb Feng Shui Pebbles – decorative rocks to place in your biorb aquarium, over the ceramic media
  19. Biorb Grass Ring – slides over the biorb bubble tube as an aquatic decoration
  20. Biorb Volcano
  21. Biorb Plant Ring
  22. Biorb Green Moss Balls
  23. Biorb Colored Seaweed Pack
  24. Biorb Colored Balls
  25. Biorb 8 Gallon Swap Tops – add color to your biorb aquarium by changing the top and bottom colors
  26. Biorb 16 Gallon Swap Tops
  27. Baby Biorb Swap Tops

Biorb Lights, Heaters, & Light Bulbs

  1. Biorb Light
  2. Biorb Intelligent LED Light – simulates a 24 hour light cycle to reduce fish stress
  3. Biorb Light Bulbs – replacement biorb & biube light bulbs
  4. Baby Biorb Light Bulbs – replacement baby biorb light bulbs
  5. Baby Biorb Light
  6. Biorb Heater Pack – the official biorb heater pack for the baby biorb, biube, and biorb aquariums
  7. Baby Biorb Heater – attach an aquarium heater to the curved sides of the biorb so you don’t have to hang your heater in the middle of your biorb tank
  8. Biorb Heater Stand
  9. Biube Heater

Biorb Marine & Biube Marine

  1. Biorb Marine Conversion Kit – convert your biorb or biube aquarium into a saltwater tank
  2. Biorb Marine Service Kit – regular filter for a marine or saltwater biorb

Other Biorb Accessories & Accessory Kits

  1. Biorb Complete Cleaning Kit – contains all the cleaning supplies and accessories you need for your biorb
  2. Biorb Cleaning Essentials – contains the basic cleaning accessories for a biorb or biube aquarium
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