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The BiOrb Filtration System Keeps Your BiOrb Fish Tank Cleaner, Longer!

  Here at we believe that the unique filtration of the BiOrb fish tanks is what sets these tanks apart. A beautiful Biorb fish tank that looks elegant in your home or office and requires less maintenance and leaves

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How Often Should I Replace the Air Stone In My BiOrb Tank?

    Many new BiOrb and BiUbe tank owners wonder how often they should change out the air stone in their tanks? The short and incomplete answer is, it depends. ¬†We frequently get asked the question, “How to replace the

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Setting up your Biorb

Biorb tanks are different, in several ways, from standard aquariums. So, even if you have set up a fish tank before, if you are a first time Biorb or Biube owner, you will need to know some basic differences before

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Decorating your Biorb or Biube Fish Tank

Biorb and Biube fish tanks are well-known for their aesthetic appeal. While they have additional benefits of being more self-maintaining and easier to clean than other tanks, most people are drawn to these unusual tanks because they are so much

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Bioube and Biorb Lighting

Lighting is a part of setting up a Biorb or Biube tank to which many people do not give sufficient attention. All lights are created equal, right? Well, with fish tanks, light is more than just a way to view

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What is a Biorb Fish Bowl?

The first Biorb Fish Bowl was invented by Reef One in 1998. Since then, the suddenly very popular fishbowl has drawn many fish owners and copycats alike. The original designer bowl has been imitated in many variations over the last

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The Advantages of the Biorb Fish Bowl

The Biorb fish bowl, created by Reef One in 1998, has fast become a sensation. Finally, something unique and different in fish aquariums has arrived and would-be fish owners have responded. The Biorb bowl has many advantages. First of all,

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Cleaning a Biorb Fish Tank

Reef One, the inventor of the Biorb fish tank, manufactures a service kit specifically for the maintenance of the unique Biorb fish bowl. While the bowl is partially self-cleaning, it still needs filter changes and water treatment like other aquariums.

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Biorb Accessories

Biorb fish bowls are special bowls that are usually round shaped or rectangular with rounded edges. Mostly enclosed, except for a small lid on top, the Biorb fish bowl helps clean itself with a clear tube inside the bowl that

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What is the Baby Biorb Moonlight?

We have a new article about the baby biorb moonlight, it includes a description of what the baby biorb moonlight does as well as the typed instruction manual to the moonlight. Below is a brief quote from the biorb article, read the full article here – baby biorb moonlight article

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