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The BiOrb Filtration System Keeps Your BiOrb Fish Tank Cleaner, Longer!

  Here at we believe that the unique filtration of the BiOrb fish tanks is what sets these tanks apart. A beautiful Biorb fish tank that looks elegant in your home or office and requires less maintenance and leaves

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How Often Should I Replace the Air Stone In My BiOrb Tank?

    Many new BiOrb and BiUbe tank owners wonder how often they should change out the air stone in their tanks? The short and incomplete answer is, it depends. ¬†We frequently get asked the question, “How to replace the

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Save up to 70% off BiOrb and BiUbe Replacement Filter Kits

Do you love your Reef One BiOrb or BiUbe fish tank but don’t love paying for an expensive filter replacement every month? We have come up with a solution for you! Seahorse Enterprises, the parent company that runs the

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