Black Biorb Pebble Sculpture - What it Looks Like in a Biorb Life Aquarium

Thinking about buying the Biorb Black Pebble Sculpture Decoration?  Watch this video to get a better idea of what the pebble sculpture looks like, how big it is, and what it looks like in a biorb life aquarium.

This video shows the black pebble sculpture in a biorb life 30 aquarium with white feng shiu pebbles, green plants, and an intelligent led light.

The biorb black pebble sculpture comes in only one size and fits biorb 8 gallon fish tanks or larger.  There is a green pebble sculpture that comes in a small and large size to fit other biorb and biube aquariums.  The black pebble sculpture is designed to slide over the bubble tube in your aquarium and sit on top of the biorb service kit, creating a sculpture centerpiece.

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Black Biorb Pebble Sculpture in a Biorb Life
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