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Water conditioners and aquarium water additives & care

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  1. API Safe and Easy Aquarium Cleaner

    Api Safe & Easy Aquarium Cleaner


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    Convenient bottle with spray trigger. Just spray on and wipe off. Cuts through the white crusty mineral deposits all over the aquarium. Use on glass or acrylic aquariums, hoods, filters, frames and stands. Non-toxic to fresh and saltwater fish. - Safe for all aquarium life - Use inside or outside of aquarium Size - 8 oz Learn More
  2. TetraAqua Water Clarifier

    Tetraaqua Water Clarifier


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    TetraAqua® Water Clarifier quickly clears cloudy aquarium water caused by overfeeding, gravel dust and other minute suspended particles. This phosphate free formula will not affect pH levels and is safe for fish and plants. For use in all freshwater aquariums. Each bottle treats 200 gallons. Size - 3.38 fl oz Learn More
  3. Biorb Water Optimiser

    Biorb Water Optimiser

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    Water Optimiser improves biological filtration, removes impurities and benefits the well-being of your fish. It is 100% natural and completely safe. You can’t overdose your aquarium with this fluid.

    Add a few squirts every week to help keep your aquarium crystal clear.

    Learn More
  4. Service Kit Triple Pack With Water Optimiser

    Service Kit Triple Pack With Water Optimiser


    Never run out. Buy your service kits in bulk and get the added convenience of our 100ml Water Optimiser to help keep your biOrb crystal clear.
    This pack includes three complete service kits.

    • 3x filter cartridge (sealed).
    • 3x cleaning cloth.
    • 3x water treatment sachets.
    • Instructions.

    Plus, a 100ml bottle of Water Optimiser.

    Suitable for all biOrb aquariums.

    Learn More
  5. NovAqua Plus

    NovAqua Plus

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    Special Price $5.50

    A dechlorinator with benefits. NovAqua Plus removes chlorine, balances alkalinity, and stabilizes your pH, making tap water safe and stable for fish. Your fishes’ also benefits from this special water treatment. The “plus” in NovAqua Plus stands for added electrolytes and vitamins for a healthier immune system. This product also provides an organic virus and bacteria inhibitor, stopping infections before they start. Learn More
  6. AmQuel Plus

    AmQuel Plus


    Kordon Amquel Plus Water Conditioner Protects fish and invertebrates by quickly and effectively eliminating nitrite, nitrate, and all forms of ammonia, chloramines, and chlorine in both fresh and salt water. Safe for reef and live rock aquariums. Offered in a variety of sizes. Safe for freshwater, saltwater, reef and "live rock" aquariums. 4 oz treats 235 gallons 8 oz treats 470 gallons Learn More
  7. API Stress Zyme

    API Stress Zyme

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    Special Price $9.95

    The live bacteria in this aquarium additive help create a biological filter that breaks down organic compounds to keep the environment clean. With 300 million bacteria in each teaspoonful, this water conditioner helps improve water quality and living conditions. Enhance your aquatic pets' habitat with this API Stress Zyme Water Conditioner that contains live bacteria to aid in the development of a biological filter. The bacteria help break down organic compounds to prevent dangerous aquarium conditions, such as low oxygen levels and ammonia and nitrite poisoning. This process helps keep the aquatic gravel clean and the filter active for improved water quality and living conditions, which aids in creating a safe and comfortable environment for your pets. Learn More

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