Biorb Pebble Sculpture Videos - Adding A Pebble Sculpture to Your Biorb


Thinking about buying one of the Biorb Sculpture Decorations?  Watch this video to get a better idea of what the green pebble sculpture looks like, what comes with it, and how to place it in your biorb or biube.

This video shows how to place a biorb pebble sculpture into a baby biorb aquarium.

The biorb green pebble sculpture was designed by artist Samuel Baker specifically for the Reef One Biorb Aquariums. The green pebble sculpture comes in a small and large size, which fit the baby biorb and 9/16 gallon biorb & biube aquariums.  There is also a black biorb pebble sculpture which comes in medium.

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Biorb Pebble Sculpture - How to Add It

biorb pebble sculpture