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Biorb Halogen Light Bulbs - Information, Articles, & Video

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Biorb Halogen Light Bulb Product Description

The 10 watt biorb halogen light bulb in the biOrb light unit should last for around 1200 hours. We recommend leaving the light on for 6-7 hours a day.

The biOrb bulb must be replaced with the correct Reef One 10 watt 12 volt bulb. Larger bulbs may kill the transformer and could have an adverse effect on the light unit and biOrb.Always use official Reef One Bulbs when replacing the bulb in your Halogen light unit. Other bulbs may seriously damage th light unit.

The xenon gas filled bulb ensures a brighter light and a longer life. The color intensity of the xenon gas filled bulb is designed improve the color of the fish.

This bulb is suitable for the biOrb 30 (8 gallon), biOrb 6 (16 gallon), SpyOrb, and biUbe

Shop for biorb replacement light bulbs

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